Robert Wheldon, 30, of San Diego: neo-nazi, Proud Boy, and head of “White Lives Matter” California

Robert Bowen Wheldon, 30, of San Diego, CA, is a neo-nazi, third-degree Proud Boy, and leader of a Southern California-based white supremacist “active club” calling itself Legion XIV. Wheldon regularly participates in white supremacist actions, including Legion XIV’s March 12th, 2022 neo-nazi banner drop in Thousand Oaks.

In addition to being a neo-nazi, Robert Wheldon is also a third-degree member of the Proud Boys, a violent hate group whose leaders are under federal indictment for their role in the January 6th, 2021 failed insurrection.

NameRobert Bowen Wheldon
LivesSan Diego, CA (formerly: Vista, CA and Crestline, CA)
AliasesR-Dub, Goodgoy91
Known AssociatesJuan Cadavid, Robert Frank Wilson (“Aryan Bacon”)

Robert Wheldon participated in the November 11th, 2021 neo-nazi banner drop in Irvine, CA with the white supremacist group Goyim Defense League. Wheldon wears a fisherman’s hat with skull mask and sunglasses, and he can be seen here standing with Goyim Defense League’s leader Robert Frank Wilson, who goes by “Aryan Bacon”.

Robert Wheldon participated in the Legion XIV neo-nazi banner drop above the 101 Freeway in Thousand Oaks, CA. When confronted by a local chicano community member, Wheldon threatened the community member, called him an “invader” and told him “get out of my country.”

Robert Wheldon threatens a chicano community member and calls him an “invader”; Thousand Oaks, CA, March 12th, 2022

Robert Wheldon leads the White Lives Matter California group

Using the alias “R-Dub”, Robert Wheldon is the head of the White Lives Matter California (WLM_USA_CALIFORNIA) Telegram chat, one of the fastest-growing white supremacist Telegram chat groups in the United States. On this channel, Wheldon is responsible for recruiting new members, organizing white supremacist events, and distributing racist propaganda.

Weldon on Chris Pohlhaus‘s nazi podcast “Hammerstream”, Nov 27th, 2021

Robert Wheldon is a Proud Boy

In addition to being a neo-Nazi member of Legion XIV, Robert Wheldon is a 3rd-degree Proud Boy (as indicated by the Proud Boy tattoo on his inner arm). Wheldon wore his Proud Boy colors to a December 5th, 2020 rally in San Diego where he, along with members of Defend East County, harassed Black Live Matter activists.

Robert Wheldon wearing Proud Boys colors in San Diego on December 5th, 2020

Reports are that Robert Wheldon got thrown out of Ould Sod (an Irish pub in San Diego) in 2021 for trying to organize a Proud Boys chapter meeting there.

Robert Wheldon has an extensive criminal history

Robert Wheldon has an extensive criminal history with felony convictions. He has been charged with multiple crimes including:

  • PC245(A)(4)-M: Assault By Means Of Force Likely To Produce Great Bodily Injury (GBI)
  • PC245(A)(1)-F: Assault With Deadly Weapon Not Firearm Or Force: GBI Likely
  • PC4573-F: Bring Controlled Substance/Etc into Prison
  • PC484(A)-M: Theft Of Personal Property
  • PC487(A)-F: Grand Theft: Property/Etc Over $400
  • PC496(A)-F: Receive/Etc Known Stolen Property (Over $400)

Robert Wheldon works as an electrician’s apprentice

Neo-nazi and Proud Boy Robert Wheldon is employed as an electrician’s apprentice somewhere in Southern California.